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Our Employees

The People Who Make the Difference


We are more than a business that sells you dirt bikes, parts, and accessories. Our staff is knowledgable, open, and friendly and will take the time to find something that fits your needs and budget. Learn about us and see what we can do for you by reading on, or simply come by the store to meet us in person!


We'll be happy to see you!

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Aaron Pharris


When you’re thinking about your next vehicle repair project and you’re not quite sure which parts you’ll be needing, come in and have a chat with Ash Marcus. As an expert Store Manager, there is no one here with more experience and knowledge to offer the guidance you need.

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Mark Odette


Buying replacement parts for your vehicle can be confusing. Do you need to get the parts from the manufacturer or can you replace them with other parts? Come in and speak with Charlie McMann, our professional Mechanic.

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Alex Kirby


As our Software Engineer since the very beginning, Jordan Parker has overseen every type of vehicle restoration and repair you can imagine. Come in and speak with Jordan Parker to learn more today!

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