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Heavy-duty pro tyre lever set used by many Rabaconda pro riders. We strongly recommend using these tyre levers with the Rabaconda 3-Minute Mousse Changer. Why? They are robust, long, curved, and most importantly have a slim tip to fit between the tyre and rim.


  • 5-piece set
  • Length: 380 mm
  • Extra strong
  • Slim tip to fit easily between the tyre and rim
  • Includes a carry-bag


Why a 5-piece set? This is exactly how many you need to perform a tyre change in 3 minutes. Each one is needed and has a special role to play. Rabaconda tyre levers will last a lifetime and can be passed down from father to son.

Rabaconda PRO Tyre Lever Set

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$75.00Sale Price
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