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This tire is an all-time, all-around king! The tacky rubber compound maintains grip through the best and worst of conditions! Love to rail berms on the track? Done. Off-road and trails calling your name? Boom! Maximum hook-up there, too! This is a favorite for so many riders as it maintains it’s grip in the most diverse conditions. The advanced directional tread pattern with siping has been engineered to provide a planted front end feel without wallowing or washing. This tire utilizes our superior rubber  compound measuring 70 on the durometer scale for excellent wear and chunking resistance.

We have had difficulty using Tubliss systems with this front tire. It does work, but requires finesse and plenty of lubricant to get it to seal properly.

Recommended Nitromousse size nm21-235

220 Ride - 21-INCH INTERMEDIATE FRONT TIRE- 80/100-21

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