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If high performance traction is what you are looking for, then this is your ticket! Built for a wide array of terrains, the knobby rubber compound has just the right amount of squish to grab the rocks, roots, and logs, but is firm enough to flow on the high-speed, curvy terrain. The 4-ply sidewalls have the stiffness to prevent sidewall roll yet allow perfect flexion to grab the gnar. The tread pattern features a linear knobby pattern (rather than staggered) so gripping those edges is effortless. With the semi-gummy hardness, these tires grip, stick, and last longer than (insert your favorite diesel truck here)!


Durometer rating - 65


Sidewall ply - 4


Recommended bib mousse size - Nm18-305

220 Ride - 18-INCH REAR SEMI-GUMMY 120/100-18

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