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Important Notice: Our next production run will feature a new logo and brand name, "Heavy Hitter," on select products only. This change will not affect the quality or performance of our products. Please note that while some products will feature the new logo, others will continue to feature the "GritShift" logo for the time being. Thank you for your support and loyalty to our brand.

Heavy Hitter has produced an amazing upgrade for your favorite e-bike. The rear suspension linkage is a known weak point in the stock suspension setup. Many riders have complained about suspension noise and play since the bike was released.


That play means it's only a matter of time until bearing and linkage failure comes.

Our linkage is designed with 4mm of shock preload. Your linkage will lightly rest on the swingarm at full droop with the rear wheel off the ground. This is a huge advantage for all bikes! Most Mountain bike suspension does not include a top out control on the shock. Unfortunately, this leads to the shock shaft and seals slamming into the shock body at full droop. If this happens continuously, it will prematurely blow out your suspension seals and rebound control.


To prevent premature shock wear, we have designed the linkage to have 4mm of top out stop, similar to limiting straps found on Trophy trucks and side by sides. This will greatly increase the life of your shock and components - especially for heavier riders needing 550-650 lb. springs, and guys that love sending big jumps. 


This will only fit the correct 10.5 x 3.5 inch, and smaller shocks! Longer shocks are not advised. 

Note: Always grease bearings before riding!



  • Made from 7075 Billet Aluminum
  • Steel bushings for a precision no slop fit
  • Pre-Assembled with new bearings, bushings, and seals
  • Improved quality and strength!
  • Simple installation takes 20 minutes or less
  • Type 2 black anodized finish


Vehicle Fitment

  • Talaria Sting

Heavy Hitter Billet Reinforced Suspension Linkage

SKU: SQ9832654
We will contact you through email on status of your order
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