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Did you know your headlights are burning through your battery life? Because they are. And let’s be real, you don’t always need them to be on. When you’re on the MX track mid-day or headed down a single track in the morning, you aren’t getting much benefit from front lights. Why waste your battery when you don’t have to? The GritShift Halo Headlight Kill Switch is a game changer.


This black headlight kill switch lets you turn your headlights on or off with the quick press of a button. You don’t even have to take your hand off the handlebar to use it. Not only does the GritShift Halo Headlight Kill Switch mean better battery conservation, but it also helps you to go stealth when you want to. The kill switch has a plug-and-play design that is compatible with Sur Ron, Segway, and Talaria e-bikes. That