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The G2 Rear Brake Caliper Cooler is designed for extreme braking conditions where fluid boil is a concern. Many racers and aggressive riders can have problems over-heating the rear brake caliper if they tend to “ride” the brake pedal. This causes continuous contact of the brake pads to the rotor and excess heat transferred to the caliper and then brake fluid. If the fluid reaches boiling point, air is introduced to the system causing brake fade. The G2 Rear Brake Caliper Cooler has aluminum fins providing a vast increase in heat dissipating surface area to draw heat away from the brake fluid and caliper to quickly reduce temperature and maintain rear brake performance. Installation instructions included. Kit includes one aluminum rear caliper cooler and two copper washers. You will need your stock banjo bolt and some extra brake fluid. Maintain cooler rear brake fluid temperature!

Product Highlights


  • Machined 6061 aluminum cooler draws heat away from the caliper!
  • Fits up to caliper using your stock banjo bolt and two copper washers (included).
  • Works on all motorcycles, ATV and UTV with M10x1.0 or M10x1.25 threads
  • Helps stop fluid boil in extreme conditions!


For KTM and Husqvarna choose the “Brembo” option (M10x1.0). For Japanese and Beta, choose the “Nissan” option (M10x1.25).

G2 Rear Brake Caliper Cooler (Brembo M10x1.0)

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