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We have decided to do a CRAZY DEAL and can order Apollo RFN 74v 43Ah $4,500 + Tax (Cash/Affirm+Tax). This can be drop shipped right to your door. Or if you are local to us we can assemble it for a low cost for you.


Are you a thrill-seeker looking for the ultimate off-road adventure? Look no further than the RFN Electric Dirt Bike. With its impressive power output of 12.5 kW, max torque of 270 N.m, and range of up to 100 mi, this electric motorcycle is built to handle even the toughest off-road conditions. 


Expected Delivery Date:

4-6 weeks upon purchase


We are located at:

481 CO-105

Suite 210

Monument, Colorado 80132

(719) 258-8681


This price is for the bike in the crate.  

Assembly: If you need assembly please reach out to us and we can privide this at extra cost to you.


FINANCING: We use Affirm, you will find the option as you go through the checkout process under "payments". Most people are able to qualify through them.  


Email us with questions:


Cancellation / Refund: All cancellations on Pre-Orders/Orders of electric dirt bikes and eBikes incur a $500 penalty. Please make sure you WANT this bike before placing the order! This is because you are taking a spot from someone and causing us to incure fees (we are not able to cancel the order from the importer). 


We are a small business located in Monument, Colorado. We will strive to make you happy and take care of you.

Apollo RFN 74V 43Ah (Cash/Affirm+Tax)

Expected arrival date June
  • Pre-Orders - This is for a Pre-Order of the Talaria Sting MX4. These are in high demand but we felt like someone should bring you the bikes for a low cost. Please NOTE these will take time to get. IN STORE PICKUP REQUIRED.

    Return - There is NO Returns on Talaria Sting MX4. If there is a warranty issue we will work with you to get it resolved.

    Refund - Due to ordering quantity to get these low cost, you will be refunded everything minus $500. MAKE SURE YOU WANT THIS PURCHASE BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER.

  • There is no SHIPPING available at this time.

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